Dear Advisor,

Growing an RIA business is more complex than ever.

Prospecting. Client relationships. Operations. Portfolio management.

Your responsibilities have become increasingly demanding.

To make matters worse, these increasing demands have created margin compression — because you have to hire more people to fulfill operations and portfolio management roles.

The result? You’re working harder for less money.

Now, the best way to win back time and turn this trend around is to simplify your business wherever possible.

Thankfully, new technology is making that possible.

From digital onboarding to outsourcing investment management — breakthroughs in tech are helping advisors free up time to focus on bettering their client experience, attracting new clients, and growing their business.

This is the subject of a new webinar that airs LIVE on June 16th, 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT. called, TIME-SAVING TECHNOLOGY GROWS YOUR RIA, WITH REDUCED COMPLEXITY.


Join Scott Martin along with experts from Emotomy and Northern Trust Asset Management, as they thoughtfully discuss how RIAs are harnessing the combination of our integrated technology and investment platform to help advisors.

You’ll discover how an integrated investment and tech platform can help advisors:

● Scale their business efficiently, while growing among new investor segments

● Leverage automation to digitize and streamline back-office tasks (and improve your client onboarding experience)

● More efficiently create personalized portfolios, whether using your own models or leveraging a suite of pre-built options

● Reduce practice burdens and save time — while accessing a virtual “home office” for investment insights, thought leadership, and investment experts

● And much, much more

Plus, you’ll get an interactive demo on this time-saving technology and how it can help you streamline key areas of your RIA — so you can get back to growth.

Time-Saving Technology Grows Your RIA With Reduced Complexity is a must-watch event for anyone involved in managing, optimizing, or growing an RIA.

It will be presented LIVE on June 16th, 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT.

This event is free to attend, however, space is limited.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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