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Dear Advisor,

Portfolio performance in the post-pandemic world is a whole new ball game.

The vast majority of asset managers already failed to beat their benchmarks.

And it’s not going to get any easier from here on out: earnings growth has largely stalled, interest rates are edging higher and the Fed’s torrent of easy money is winding down...

When you combine that with significant domestic and international (think Afghanistan) unrest — what will happen in the markets is far from clear.

To help you navigate these turbulent times, we studied the top-performing asset managers and found they bring the following to the table:

● Sophistication- the ability to use modern hedging techniques to enhance performance while reducing downside volatility

● Diversification - combining multiple strategies together to increase performance and mitigate risk and...

● Winning experience - knowing what it takes to execute and pulling the trigger without hesitation.

This isn’t speculation, and it’s not about PR or image or fame — many of the most well-known managers don’t actually perform.

All clients crave some combination of enhanced returns and a smoother ride. When they’re young and building wealth, they want to accelerate that glide path beyond what “the market” can provide.

And when they’re older, they need a way to draw on that wealth that’s efficient and as reliable as possible.

Annuities are reliable but can get expensive. Bonds just don’t keep up with inflation right now. And stocks have proved again and again that they can be a wild ride in any given year.

These new ETFs provide full participation in the market when it’s good (up to a reasonable ceiling or “cap”) . . . but when things get scary, a certain amount of downside is eliminated.

Raising the return floor goes a long way toward keeping your clients comfortable when Wall Street lurches lower. Reduce the number of negative results in the Monte Carlo deck . . . sometimes by as much as 20% or 30%.

Innovator figured out how to do that by buying and selling the right combination of options around the major market benchmarks.

They call it the Defined Outcome system. It’s trademarked.

In good years, clients share the market’s rewards. They’re happy. Want to know more?
And what about when your clients simply want to squeeze bigger returns out of their assets? That’s where the Defined Outcome system swings from reducing the downside to reaching for accelerated performance.

The potential drawdown is still capped at 1X the benchmark. In a bad year, it’s like you were simply investing in an index fund and taking that rollercoaster ride.

But in the good years, the option mix delivers 2X or even 3X the benchmark. Normally that’s the domain of “ultra” leveraged funds that magnify the dips as well as the rallies . . . turning a volatile ride into something even more intense.

In a world of Defined Outcomes, clients get the magnified dips with only the “normal” drawdown when things go south.

Bigger returns at the same risk? That’s the definition of a more efficient frontier!

And obviously, boosted upside speeds up the process of wealth creation. Instead of the “random walk” giving with one hand and taking away with the other, they get 2 or 3 “gifts” and still pay the same risk price.

It’s called the Accelerator. Add it to the downside reduction in the Defined Outcome system and your clients can expect better performance than an index fund in the good seasons . . . and less drawdown in the bad times.
● Why raising the return floor produces better long-term outcomes (you’ll see how this gives you a greater margin for error)

● How Innovatordoes it to produce elite performance, year after year...

● The power of showing your clients more consistent performance projections — by buffering the bad periods and remaining open to the surges

● How this is an ideal retirement income solutionfor some clients. If 2X the market can’t keep ahead of inflation and the RMD rules, other options are limited

● Why this is NOT a conventional leveraged ETF or structured note, instead providing unique performance characteristics without the known flaws

● Why the creators are confident that their system is built to last, with detailed back tested charts and long-term client outcome projections

● How to get direct access to everything they offer: their best strategies great risk management, alpha creation, trend analysis algorithms, all in one seamless package (and the best talking points to use with clients to get them on board)

● Plus much, much more

This webinar, Decoding Portfolio Performance for the Post Pandemic World — is essential viewing for any financial professional who refuses to settle for mediocre performance.

We expect a virtual room packed with top advisors, wealth managers, and other financial professionals looking to learn directly from one of the more innovative asset managers in the world today.


See you at the webinar,  


Scott Martin
Managing Editor, The Wealth Advisor


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